We Design. Develop. Deploy. your digital products holistically.

MiMDigital is a key partner for fast-growing start-ups and large corporations in need of a scalable website with a modular CMS, a design system, and a future-proof brand identity and online presence.

MiMDigital is a web development company with over ten years of experience of working with both local and international clients. We assist businesses in enhancing their online presence in order to increase earnings by increasing site traffic, communicating with clients, and increasing sales and profits.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality professional website design, logo design, mobile app development, custom software development, e-commerce websites, and digital marketing services that adhere to the most cutting-edge technological standards. As a result, we’ve established ourselves as Accra’s premier website and mobile development agency, as well as one of Ghana’s best web agencies.

Our clients are the businesses and startups that make the world go round — they treat diseases, ship packages, insure cars, create jobs, provide services, sell online, provide education etc.
These large and complex businesses require digital experiences that are both user-friendly as well as robust and scalable.
By challenging core assumptions, we shape products and services that help thousands of people every day.

We translate research into solutions, crafting thoughtful and unified brands, apps, websites, interfaces, and systems.

We have the expertise, network of partners and the technical know-how on which to build our projects.
Our global group of researchers, tacticians, creative professionals, and developers use agile methodologies to counter roadblocks and shape tomorrow’s brands.
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How can we work together?

We’ve created a simple onboarding process to help us better understand our client’s strategic needs.

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